Roles of the Service Centre
Implementation of all CMES programmes are supported by the Central Service Centre (SC)  located at Dhaka. This takes the lead in planning, developing, managing, monitoring and evaluating the programmes. The following are the functions of the Service Centre all of which it undertakes with the full participation of the field staffs and stakeholders of CMES.

  • It serves as a hub for the search and research in education, gender & development and appropriate technology. It experiments with the technology on developing or adapting them, commercialize these for the target groups by organizing training, preparing relevant materials and prototypes as well as developing the production & marketing strategies.
  • It develops and produces curriculum, methods, reading materials, educational aids, training materials, and monitors their effectiveness.
  • It organizes various trainings for the Unit and the Central staffs as well as TVET instructors in various trades in the Training Facility at the Service Centre, Technology Training Research Centre (TTRC) in Chilmari and Regional Field Training Centres or at the Unit level.
  • It provides the central management and develops and realizes a participatory management & monitoring system, encouraging a positive spiral with ownership and autonomy of all the staffs at the field level.
  • It keeps the central account of the financial aspects of the programme including all the business activities taken up by the various units. It gives assistance to various units in their business plans and marketing ventures.
  • It monitors continuously, along with the field staffs, the effect of the programmes on the education, skills, empowerment, income and quality of life of the target group. It also evaluates various aspects of the programmes.
  • It disseminates the methods, materials and results developed through the programmes for the benefit of relevant agencies and institutions. It uses its periodicals and other publications for the purpose along with making appropriate use of IT and audiovisual facilities.
  • It assists the replication of the CMES programmes by other agencies and organizations through all possible ways. In several such cases of replications, it provided the planning and management consultancy, trainings, materials development etc. Its training facilities and educational as well as technological equipments, materials and aids are available to other organizations and groups in general.

Service Centre of CMES comprises secretariat and several departments that lead the major programmes of CMES– Education and Technical Skills, Technology Development and Capacity Enhancement, General Production and Marketing, Gender and Development, Documentation and Extension, There are also some wings providing supportive services and especialized activities i.e. Microcredit, Solar Electrification, Human Resource, Physical Establishment, Training Facilitation, Accounts, and Computer & IT facilitation.